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Although these new Fastback CP strips are effective in binding many types of paper that have proven difficult to bind in the past it is important to understand that the CP strip by itself does not solve the problems with binding glossy coated stocks and digital output. All 15xs Fastback machines manufactured after 3/9/2006 were shipped with the new firmware and required adjustments to adequately run these new CP strips. The center adhesive on the new Fastback CP strips is thicker than the center adhesive on Fastback Super Strips. The Fastback CP strip works well with split sheets and coated paper but also creates a strong bind with smooth paper without using the Powis Edge splitter which is part of their high end photobook production cell. Article Tags: Powis Parker, Binding Strip, Binding Edge, These Strips Still, the best way to know if these new strips will work for your application is to simply have us bind a sample for you and see the results for yourself. These color copy and laser print papers are often used in the workplace for reports, proposals, and other business documents. Additionally, the extended bind time and extra heat required by the new Fastback CP strips can sometimes cause printing along the binding edge to bleed. released the new Fastback CP Binding Strip. This new upgrade for the Fastback 15xs will allow you to run CP strips, will provide you with a faster binding cycle when using Super strips, will allow you to produce sharper edges when binding and will fix a firmware bug that prevented user strip wrap settings from being saved properly. You can choose from four different colors of CP strips including: Black Fastback CP Strips, White Fastback CP Strips, Dark Blue Fastback CP Strips and Khaki Fastback CP Strips. However, existing Powis Parker Fastback strips sometimes had difficulty binding these glossy paper stocks.In late 2006 Powis Parker Inc. According to Powis Parker this has two primary benefits: First, pages bound with the Fastback CP Strip are not allowed to completely lay-flat creating a more sophisticated, signature look for the finished presentations. Thus, these strips are not recommended for prints with full bleeds that run to the binding edge of the document. If you are considering these new innovative binding strips from Powis Parker it is essential that you first determine if your machine is compatible. The new Powis Parker Fastback CP strip has a strip of center China IFR Seat-Cover Fabric Factory glue that is formulated for extremely aggressive adhesion. Second, the thicker glue of the Fastback CP Strip helps to protect the binding edge from the flex stress of page turning. The CP strip is designed as a solution for binding difficult to bind papers with the Fastback 15xs Binding Machine. The CP strip is designed for use with color copy and laser print papers up to 32# text. These strips are packaged 75 strips per box and are available in two different thicknesses (narrow and medium). However, to obtain this strong bind the CP strip requires extra binding time (approximately 45 seconds). Khaki colored strips are slightly shorter than standard superstrips and are designed for finishing books using Fastback Hardcovers. However, if your Fastback Binding Machine is older you may need to upgrade it in order to run these strips.
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Electronic conveyor exit leaves

Custom settings are also available and can be stored in the machine's memory. A handy counter provides batch folding as well as recording the total number folded since the last reset. Status indicators and current settings are shown on the LCD screen.2" up to 12" by 17" in size. Overall, the Standard PF-P330 is an ideal compact air feed system.At 176 pounds, this is a very heavy tabletop machine. The downside is that these machines are usually extremely large and take up a lot of space.For the widest variety of paper weights that can be folded, many offices turn to air feed machines, which are especially handy for processing glossy and coated stocks. However, the fold plates can handle sheets as small as 5" by 5.The unique design boasts of mark-free output. For a device with this specific ability, we recommend the Formax FD38x. We think the PF-P330 is an excellent choice for any office needing a professional air feed paper folder. Sheets are folded as fast as 240 per minute, assuming letter size in a half fold. Manual volume control allows the user to increase or decrease the amount of suction as needed. Weaknesses: There isn't a bypass to allow multiple sheets to fold together. Strengths: The innovative feed system uses a patented rotary vacuum system that eradicates the need for adjusting for various paper stocks.Simple push-button controls offer easy operation. Unfortunately, this isn't a typical feature on air feed machines. But thanks to Standard's revolutionary design, the PF-P330 is able to offer the same features seen on larger machines in a compact desktop model.The machine is preset for six folds: letter, accordion, half, double parallel, engineering, and gate folds. China IFR Curtain Fabrics Factory Article Tags: Standard Pf-p330, Paper Folder, Feed Machines . Other controls offer variable speed adjustment, intermittent delay feeding, manual fold plate adjustment, jam detection, test folding, and an automatic stack roller position indicator. Paper stocks accepted range from 14lb bond to 60lb cover, including glossy and coated stocks. Here is a closer look at this innovative machine. The space-saving pump only takes up an 8x8 footprint and easily sits on a desk or table top next to the folder.Standard backs this product with a one year warranty.Four standard paper sizes are pre-programmed into the machine. An electronic conveyor exit leaves processed documents in neatly folded stacks for easy unloading. With simple and dependable operation combined with innovative design, this machine is both convenient and efficient. While this may not be a problem for some offices, many companies like the convenience of being able to automatically fold multi-sheet newsletters, bulletins and flyers. Both automatic and manual micro settings provide exact control over fold stops and paper stock variations. If you think you'll need to move it regularly, we suggest you store it on a cart for easy rolling from one location to another. It would be especially beneficial to print and copy shops, shipping centers, universities, and other businesses needing professional folding in a limited space. It offers quiet operation when compared to traditional air feed machines, only producing about the same amount of noise as a mid-volume copier.
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Fact and expert judgment

In addition to this, the market size and shares of these regions along with forecast data included in the report are essential for companies to understand the investment viability in these regions. The report also includes detailed instructions on strategies that will work in the developed market and the strategies that will work in the emerging market.In-depth evaluation of the key companies along with their strategic assets such as innovation, cost, and consumer satisfaction have been covered in the research report on the Global Sulphur Coated Urea market. This includes: Business overview, revenue share, product offering, service offering, latest events, and strategies of these players. Extensive data on the key players operating in the Global Sulphur Coated Urea market is covered in this report. Furthermore, the report addresses the latest key industry events and their impact on the Global Sulphur Coated Urea market. The data in the report presents a review of the most updated market trends. A detailed geography-wise analysis of the Global Sulphur Coated Urea market gives readers a clear perspective of the most influential trends along with the regulatory scenario in the individual geographical sectors.The report Global Sulphur Coated Urea Industry is an insightful reference for new entrants and established players in the Global Sulphur Coated IFR Sheer Curtain Fabric Factory Urea market. The estimate of the Global Sulphur Coated Urea market share, whether based on revenue or size is a blend of fact and expert judgment that is supported by a sound research methodology. Readers are assured about the market estimates that are well supported.9dresearchgroup. The report is composed using inputs from an international team of leading experts to provide an update on the latest advances in the Global Sulphur Coated Urea market.
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